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Savannah Sketch-Crawl

Savannah Sketch-Crawl


Started the day here

I participated in Savannah Sketch Crawl a year ago and am just now getting around to posting about it.  My how time flies!  Anyway, the day was perfect, weather was great.  We started at the Jepson Center then dispersed to sketch all day.  I attended with Matt Swaim of Studio-Swaim.  Those of you who know him might wonder if I lost my mind….a novice like me sketching next to a master!  Nonetheless, I was there for sheer enjoyment and was not disappointed.  (and Matt managed to hold back the laughter)  We ended up at River Street then after lunch, Jim William’s house.  (Mercer-Williams House).  As the day wound to an end we headed back to Jepson to check out all the great work being pinned up.  I fell in love with a piece by John Nelson.  It was pen and ink and gouache.  The artist, it turns out, is a retired illustrator and very graciously has given me the piece. That was a completely unexpected surprise.


Thanks to Matt and Plein Air Studio I am loving sketching again.  I know I have a long way to go but enjoyed the trip.

And finished up the afternoon here.