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Finally! My very own Campay!

Finally! My very own Campay!

There are so many extremely talented artists in Jacksonville that it is hard to know where to start collecting. So I have, over the years, kept my eyes open and watched my favorite artists for wonderful pieces that I love and fit in to my art budget. (Which makes up a ridiculously large portion of my budget……but I will not change a thing!) Recently I stumbled across this little g

"Hi Bessie! Meet me in the pasture at 8...."

“Hi Bessie! Meet me in the pasture at 8….”

em from Dennis Campay. I have enjoyed his work throughout the years and it has been fun to see his popularity grow. I have not had an opportunity to add any of his work to my collection, however, until now! When I think of his art, street scenes come to mind, so when I stumbled across this piece I was so excited! I love cows!! And this one especially! Whimsically humorous, this little guy standing by a phone booth just makes me smile. Who is he calling? What plans will they make? Where will he go? I love art that makes you feel good, and I can say without any reservation that Campay’s paintings always do that. They make you feel good. They make you smile. Sometimes, in this complicated thing called Life, that is just what the doctor ordered. Here is a link to his website: And should you aspire to own your very own Campay please visit my sweet friends at Stellars Gallery: