25 Top Interior Design Trends for 2021

25 Top Interior Design Trends for 2021

Marsha Faulkner pens another article for Arbus Magazine and we can’t wait to share it. Actionable tips and trends that you can use for your next interior design project!

25 Top Celebratory Interior Design Trends for 2021

While Arbus is celebrating 25 years of architecture and design, we’re doing a little celebrating ourselves with the top 25 design tips and trends for 2021.

1. Shop local. It may be a global economy but it’s local artisans that make the world go around. Hire a local craftsman for your next project.  #lovelocal

2. Color trends come and go but right now color is back! If you are new to the color game, consider adding a “signature color” to your spaces in small ways. Or go big and bold!  #notafraid

3. Shop vintage.  It is said there are no new ideas, just reimagined ones.  While we love this, we also have a special appreciation for the originals!  Instead of purchasing a reproduction piece made to look old, consider vintage or antiques! #vintageforsale

4. “Every room needs a touch of black…” Dorthy Draper. The elegance and depth the color black bring to a space are unparalleled and it works in every palette. Add subtle touches to hardware, tile grout, etc., or major with walls or furniture! #blackisthenewblack

5. Creative lighting. With so many fabulous fixtures why settle for boring! Consider adding out-of-the-box fixtures that mimic nature and add a touch of sophistication. A sleek and modern fixture can add zip to a more traditional setting. Consider lighting areas you normally would overlook such as toe kicks at cabinets, stair rails, and behind-wall mirrors. #poweroflight

6. Customization! Why settle for the same thing everyone else has? Almost everything you need for your home can be customized! Even fun appliances, like Samsung, have customizable knob options in bronze, copper, or graphite! #samsung, #customkitchen

7. Use of patterns.  It is the opinion of this designer that adding pattern in small and large ways creates a more dynamic space. Walls, floors, tiles, fabrics, paneling….there are a myriad of choices! #patterndesign

8. Mirror, mirror on the wall. Have a darker area that could use some brightness? Mirrors are not just for walls. Consider well-made mirrored furniture or adding a mirror inside a bookcase or cabinet or backsplash. Also, don’t overlook eglomise or antique mirrors. These add texture as well as shine. #reflection

9. Add a touch of nature. As humans, we naturally crave nature. Bring the outdoors in by adding live plants to your space. Incorporate the colors of nature with wall coverings and fabrics that feature the outdoors. This trend is always in vogue. #colorofnature

10. Update plumbing fixtures. This simple move offers a tired bathroom an immediate lift.  There are many new styles and finishes matte white anyone??  PS: don’t forget the toilet! #refreshyourbath

11. Add Artwork.  Art takes many forms, not just paintings. Original art supports local artists struggling to make a living and creates a great conversation piece and fun to collect as a keepsake during your travels! #supportlocalartists 

12. Ying & Yang. Now more than ever we are playing with shape, shine, texture, and smoothness. Mix it up! Don’t be afraid to take risks. You might discover the genius in simple but not obvious pairings. #mixitup

13. Outdoor Living.  Florida is a wonderful place to be outdoors. Make your outdoor space the place to be with covered areas for a reprieve from the sun, comfy lounging areas with hanging swing chairs or hammocks, add a pool or spa, and don’t forget outdoor cooking! There are all kinds of new outdoor kitchen appliances, countertops, and features to incorporate! #funinthesun

14. Let’s get back to work. The office is more than a place to do business, it’s a place to do fun! Create a dedicated event space in your office to bring clients, employees, and vendors together. Luxury kitchens are not just for the home, they belong in the office as well! Your employees deserve more than a dirty microwave and an old fridge. Celebrate diversity in the office with gender-neutral bathrooms. Get creative with signage that shows off your personality. Give your employees a reason to come back to the office with a rotating gallery space and support local artists at the same time. Remember, happy employees are not only loyal but more productive and vested in your success! #officeoftheyear

15. Zoom baby, Zoom!  Employees may be returning to the office but Zoom is here to stay. Consider creating a mini-studio for your office or home office. Backdrop, webcam, and lighting make you look and sound professional. #zoomlife

16.  Update hardware. Hardware is the “jewelry” of a space and should not be overlooked. There are wonderful choices that can give a facelift to any door or cabinet immediately transporting it from tired to fresh! #newhardware

17.  Utilize multi-purpose furnishings. So many items can serve a dual purpose which is especially wonderful in smaller spaces but quite useful in general! Think about a high-low table for example, or a decorative pouf that doubles as a footrest and extra seating during a party! #doubleduty

18.  Get organized! This is not the most glamorous point we are making today but an important one.  Consider editing your things or organizing them in new ways.  Drawer or closet inserts, decorative boxes to hold remote controls, containers for smaller loose items.  A well-organized space just feels good. #sparkjoy  

19.  Healthy spaces. In a world where health is the #1 concern, it is a good idea to bring some fresh takes into your home. While sanitizing surfaces is important also consider the air you breathe. The purification industry has stepped up its game and there are some very attractive options. It’s an easy way to take an extra step toward staying healthy and love it! #cleanfreak 

20.  Make your main bedroom a retreat. This has been an ongoing discussion for years, and I firmly land on the side of fostering peace in the bedroom. For me, this means *gasp* no TV. That may not be you, but you certainly can make other updates that will enhance your sleeping and relaxation. Consider a soothing color palette, make sure you have good light control for sleeping (dimmers on lights, window treatments), reduce unwanted sounds by adding textiles to your space (draperies, rugs, tactile wall hangings, noise-canceling machines), update your mattress, spend a little more on nice sheets and blankets. I promise you are worth this investment. #sleepbetter  

21.  LifeProof Your Home. This applies to everyone, even if you do not have young children!  The world of cleanable and sustainable fabrics, rugs, paints, and wallcoverings has come a very, very long way.  If you have not looked lately you will be amazed at how soft and attractive sustainable these things have become.  You can not only look good but have a durable space as well. #sustainablefabrics

22.  Create a lasting first impression.  If a full-on exterior renovation is not in the cards, there are still ways to make a lovely first impression as someone enters your home or space. Consider painting your front door, changing your apartment or house numbers, adding a decorative doorbell cover, a fun new welcome mat, a potted plant, or hanging plants, update your exterior sconce or carriage light. If an update is not possible then just clean them. That one small thing makes a huge difference! #curbappeal 

23.  Curate your home.  Whenever I get tired of looking at the same things in my home I rotate them. This is a great way to not only spur on a deep clean but to give new life to a photograph or vase you’ve stared at for years. Move things around.  Take everything down and put things back in a new place. Shake it up and shop your home using the pieces you have in new and different ways! #springcleaning 

24.  Quality is priceless.  I’m not an advocate for spending just to spend but in most cases, you do get what you pay for.  When it comes to sitting, sleeping, breathing, cooking, and eating I encourage my clients to spend a little more and invest in pieces that are comfortable or just plain do their jobs better.  Investing in a few key pieces is always worth it as they will not only help you feel better, but they will hold up longer, look nicer and be more timeless. I think it is ok to have some disposable things, but everything shouldn’t be. #investmentpieces 

25. Take a risk! Don’t follow a trend, be a trend. A wise friend once said: It’s just fabric, no need to panic! If you like it, your designer should help you make it fit and feel fabulous in your space. Stop worrying and be yourself. Just because you haven’t seen it on Instagram, doesn’t mean it’s not wonderful! #yolo