5 Tips to Select an Investment Piece

5 Ways to Select the Ideal Investment Piece for Your Home

5 Tips to Select an Investment Piece

An old friend once told me “Buy things that have value and that retain their value over time.” As an Interior Designer, I help my clients find and purchase investment pieces that not only have value but strike an emotional cord. By nature, an investment piece should make a statement.

Here are 5 tips to make most of your investment:

Tip #1 Make an emotional connection. 

When a client is looking to spend a substantial portion of her budget on a single piece, it should be something the client really loves. An investment piece could be antique furniture, a Persian rug, one-of-a-kind artwork, a grand piano or lighting fixture such as a chandelier. Regardless of what the item is, if it doesn’t draw an emotional response, it’s probably best to keep looking.

Tip #2 Consider the location. 

Often my clients are looking for that single item that creates a wow factor. Using my expertise, I work with the client to consider the space that the item will live in. What is the focal point of the room? Is it the ceiling, architectural details or perhaps a stunning view? The piece should enhance the flow of the room and provide inspiration for the overall design. Or at least fit with the design theme of the existing space. Traditionally, an investment piece would be featured in a living room or foyer. But it doesn’t have to be, you can find a home for your statement piece in the study, bedroom or even the bath! I once helped a client create a custom-made claw foot tub for their master bath. The choice is yours!

Tip #3 Do your homework

Find reputable sellers. Auction houses are a great place to start. Think international, as there are markets in Europe and Asia that offer truly unique items at great values. If it’s an antique, often I’ll help my clients with research on the piece and the period it was created. What is the story behind the piece? Consider the quality. Does it have inclusions that take away from the value, or do the inclusions add to the story? Same goes for works of art, lighting and decorative items.

Tip #4 Not all investment pieces are old

There are may wonderful artisans alive today that can be commissioned to create mixed media, three-dimensional artwork, wall coverings, architectural ironwork, hand-blown glass and even textiles. The benefit to this approach is that you get to tailor the piece to your exacting needs and standards. The experience of bringing your original vision to life, choosing the shape, materials, colors and treatments is something I would want everyone to experience at least once in their life.

Tip #5 Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Would you buy a classic car or vintage diamond necklace without first consulting an expert? Of course not. Same goes for an investment piece you are considering for your home or office. There are many things to consider when purchasing an investment piece and an expert Interior Designer can help you make the smart purchase that you’ll love forever and create the space to proudly display your new treasure.

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