ARTWALK: an opportunity to support local artists

ARTWALK: an opportunity to support local artists

Well, I can’t believe it, after years of resistance I find myself “blogging”.  Thanks to the encouragement of a fellow artist and friend I have found my way to WordPress and hopefully have something meaningful to say.

It all began last Wed. night at Artwalk.  In my home town of Jacksonville Florida the first Wednesday evening of each month is dedicated to the arts: all the galleries and parks downtown are open late and admission is free. Artists gather and show their wares, musicians play, performers perform, food and occasionally wine is served, and people show up en masse to “support” our local art scene.

As I walked around downtown looking at all of the talent Jacksonville has to offer I began to notice that no one was buying anything.  Canvass’ stayed hanging on walls, pottery was neatly stored in its place on shelves, people were drinking wine and eating food, but no one was purchasing anything.  To truly SUPPORT local artists one must PURCHASE from local artists.  They are there, after all, to make a living.  Just arriving on the scene, as fabulous as we all are, is not enough to really make an impact.  And much of the artwork I saw was not only affordable but beautiful.

As an Interior Designer by practice I run in to this a lot:   people tend to struggle with selecting decorative things for their homes and offices. Whether it be scale, composition, color, texture etc. something is stopping the natural flow.  Art can be intimidating.  How do you really know if something is “good”?   I am not an art critic and do not profess to know the intricacy’s of how to give a proper critique of a work of art.  However what I do know is you should trust your gut.  There is something for everyone and everyone likes different things.  If you see something and it moves you chances are it is “good”.  If you find it beautiful and you choose to take it home with you, chances are others will find it beautiful too.  And if they don’t?  Who Cares!?!  You like it, its your space and I promise you the artist is very thankful you did take a chance on them.

There is a multitude of wonderful treasures for very affordable prices that are begging to be purchased and given a good home.  Take a chance. Trust your gut!  Be bold!  BUY art!!  That is how we begin to show our support!!  No matter what your budget is $10 or $10,000, there are works to be had.  Wonderful things that, I promise, will look wonderful in your space!!  Take a chance!!

written by

Marsha Faulkner, LEED AP

Florida Registered Interior Designer