ARTWALK: The Challenge

ARTWALK: The Challenge

ok.  Here it is:  Can you got to Artwalk and support local artists by finding and purchasing a piece of artwork on a budget and make it look fantastic in your own home?  This question was posed to me a couple of months ago by an artist friend of mind, Doug Eng (, who patiently listened while I lamented how I attend Artwalk faithfully but rarely see anyone purchasing anything.  So he said: ” Ok, Mrs. Interior Designer, why don’t you prove you can?  Show us how” ……and with that he threw down the gauntlet!!  I was both challenged and inspired.  (Did he just give me permission to spend money on art every month? )

So I will attempt to do just that!  And with a monthly budget of $100 for artwork, lets see what I end up with at the end of 6 months and what I can do with it.  I feel very confident that I will be wildly successful!  If I follow my heart & buy what I love how can I go wrong?

The basic assumptions I will go on as I will embark on this challenge are:

1.  That I have $100/mo. to spend on artwork (when you do this for yourself it should be out of your entertainment budget, don’t forego the mortgage!!  Although that IS tempting!)

2.  That I will trust my gut and only buy what I love, not worrying what other people think about my purchase.  If I love it then IT IS GOOD!!!!

3.  That I love my home and what I buy will fit right in.  True:  everything at my house is not perfect, after all I am human, just like you.  There are always the spots that need repainted, the chair that needs recovering or replacing, an outdated kitchen or bathroom, but the fact is I live there and am supposed to feel more comfortable there than anywhere else in the world.  Its mine and it reflects who I am and how I like to live and shouldn’t look like anyone else!

Holding these assumptions as truths I am excited to begin this challenge and with an Artwalk right around the corner I am saving toward my $100 budget now.  I can’t wait to hit the streets and see all the exciting new things that artists are creating RIGHT NOW AS I WRITE THIS!  I only hope I can stick to my budget and not go crazy buying tons of stuff!!

(Post Script: The image shown is a small 12″ x 12″ painting I purchased in 2007 from a local artist named Franklin Matthews II at a local show for $75!  It is such a wonderful little piece and makes me smile every time I look at it!