Experts Reveal Their Best Tips for the Ultimate Powder Room Remodel

Experts Reveal Their Best Tips for the Ultimate Powder Room Remodel

February 3, 2021 by Mekaila OaksUpdated on February 23rd, 2021

Whether your powder room is looking dull and outdated, or you just have an itch to change things up, a powder room remodel can make a huge difference in your home’s overall appearance. And since powder rooms tend to be smaller, you have the added design freedom to play around with bold colors, patterned wallpaper, and even different lighting fixtures or hardware to make the space pop. To help you revamp your outdated powder room, we reached out to experts from San Francisco, CA all the way to Miami, FL – and even Toronto, CAN – for their expertise. Here are their best tips and advice for the ultimate powder room remodel:

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Plan ahead to create a cohesive aesthetic

Grab your inspiration source and let it set the tone for the rest of the space’s design concept. For example, if you are in love with a specific vessel bowl sink that you want to incorporate into the design for your powder room, start with that and then work on coordinating the other elements in the bathroom with that fixture. It will allow for a more harmonious concept and ensure that your selections work together for a visually aesthetic completed project while guaranteeing you get the products that excite you. – Amanda Esh, Palmetto Kitchen and Bath Center

The powder room is the perfect place to be bold and creative

Let your creativity flow with an accent wall. For your powder room remodel, try introducing an eye-catching accent wall with a pop of color, geometric tile, or printed wallpaper. Complete the space with a statement vanity light that illuminates your personal style. –

Use statement tiling. The powder room is the one place where you can have a little fun – be bold and playful or simple and serene. But either way you go, it’s a place to allow your creativity to come out and create a big impression in a small space. Consider adding a beautiful and impactful statement tile on the wall behind the sink. – PDG Studios

Create a gallery wall. A powder room is a great place to showcase your personality by putting together a gallery wall. Since there’s no bathtub or shower, humidity isn’t a problem. Choose artwork that speaks to you, and don’t be afraid to go from floor to ceiling on the feature wall. – Room to Design

Don’t be afraid to splurge a little. You can choose more precious, and higher-end products like great tile or custom wallpaper on a highlighted wall with a powder room remodel. Most powder rooms have smaller walls, making sense to splurge on the materials you use in this space. Less is more in a powder room, and the pieces you choose should be bold and stately. – Gabby

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Wallpaper can make all the difference (and a major statement)

Nothing transforms a space more dramatically than a bold wallpaper. With countless designs and even removable wallpaper options on the market, it’s easier than ever to elevate a drab, dark space into something eye-catching, artistic, and unique. – Coddington Interior Design

Create a feature wall behind the toilet using patterned wallpaper. Pick up a color from the pattern to paint the rest of the bathroom and use that same color for a new frame for your mirror or hang a chandelier from the ceiling. – Inverness Design Build Group Ltd.

Wallpaper is a simple way to make a lasting impression. Due to its small size, a powder room is the one area in the house where you can live out your decorating dreams – nothing will break the budget or be revisited in time. Feel free to go bold with color or a statement wallpaper to make a big impact in a small room. – Jill Shevlin Design

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Don’t forget about fixtures

Ditch outdated fixtures. Nothing screams dated as much as old, tired fixtures in your powder room. Think of the lighting, faucet, and cabinet hardware as the jewelry. By adding stylish new fixtures, you’ll have a stunning new look in your powder room without breaking your budget. – Organized by Design

Absolutely spend on updating your plumbing fixtures. Plumbing fixtures have undergone significant improvements, and they are worth the upgrade factor. Go bold with your walls; if they are light now, go dark – and if they are dark now, go light. – Studio M Interior Design

The ultimate powder room remodel isn’t complete without upgraded lighting and flooring

Lighting is the jewelry of the home. So whether you want to make a statement or enhance the new colors you’ve remodeled with, try a fixture that offers just as much visual style as it does lighting balance to give the room an entirely complete finish. – Laura Lee Designs

Well-placed statement lighting above the vanity is essential. Nothing is worse than walking into a powder bathroom with vanity lights that cast shadows over your face. I recommend installing a pair of sconces (or two hanging pendants) on each side of the mirror, so the bulb is about 63″ above the floor to ensure that your face is well-lit. It’s okay to find sconces or pendants that are a bit more decorative in a powder room than you would hang in a larger bathroom. – Rebecca Quandt Interiors

Change up the flooring. It doesn’t matter if you choose tile or wood; changing the flooring material in your powder room from the adjacent rooms will lend itself to generating visual interest that will catch your eye – tre DesignsShare on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on pinterest


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