Studio M featured in House of Turquoise again!

Studio M featured in House of Turquoise again!

I’m loving the tropical vibe of this colorful Ponte Vedra, Florida home designed by Jacksonville-based Studio M Interior Design! The colors are bold and adventurous but have plenty of room to breathe next to all of the white. My favorite spot in the entire home is the cozy breakfast nook…love the window seat, colorful pillows and fabulous turquoise chairs! Wouldn’t mind spending a Saturday in that gorgeous backyard too! Finish your tour of the home with more photos by Sue Root right over here!

Callaghan Dining Room-home

Callaghan Family Room -1

Callaghan Family Room - 2

Callaghan Family Room - 3

Callaghan Kitchen Detail

Callaghan Front Exterior - 1

Callaghan Kitchen - 1

Callaghan Kitchen - 2

Callaghan Rear Exterior  - 1

Callaghan Rear Exterior  - 3

Callaghan Master Bedroom - 1

Callaghan Rear Exterior Detail - 2