Imagination Squared: A Public Art Experiment

Imagination Squared: A Public Art Experiment

I am VERY excited about a little thing called Imagination Squared. I was turned on to this by a friend.  It is an art experiment for everyone, doesn’t matter how old or young, or what your story is.  You don’t have to have an art background, just a wistful spirit!  So the deal is you purchase a 5″ x 5″ x 2″ square of wood for $1.00 (if finances are a problem the wood block will be donated to you) and you can embellish it in any fashion you see fit, nothing improper please.  Collage, Paint, fabric, photographs etc. the sky is the limit!  When you are finished you turn the squares in and they will be hung together, with everyone elses, as one collective piece of art.  What a great thing to do as a family, or a women’s group, or even a mens group for that matter!

They have begun hanging now and you can see the wall so far on Facebook, just search Imagination Squared.  The experiment ends July 31, 2010, so there is still time left!!

What a terrific idea! Kudos to the founders, Christina Foard and Dolf James. I have not personally met either of them but cannot wait to!  And if you happen to be reading this, I think your idea is brilliant!!

In the meantime I am looking forward to creating a square, or two, of my own, with my friends and possibly a glass of  wine! I encourage all of you to grab a square of your own and GO FOR IT!!

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email: [email protected]

Get Squared. Then get Your Friends Squared.