Our next intern position will open March/April 2022. We’ll update this page when it’s time to submit your application.

If you are an upper classmen and on the job training is your next step, we might be the firm for you.

Only apply if you want hands on experience on a variety of project types.

Who we are

Our interior design firm, with the lead of Marsha Faulkner, works with some of the most exciting and elite architects, contractors, discerning clients, and our award-winning designs grace many coastal communities.  Studio M is a team of diverse professionals who are passionate about good design.  With over 40 years of combined experience, client focused design solutions are the core of what we do.

What we need

We are looking for talented, energetic design students to join our internship program.

How to apply

To apply, send us examples of your work and 100 words or less on why YOU would like to work with us this summer to [email protected]

Basic required skills

  • Sketching
  • Hand Drawing
  • Auto CAD
  • Online Research
  • Speaking (asking questions, convey designs, attend/engage in client meetings) with Marsha’s guide


Be involved with many aspects of the design process.

What to Expect

We ensure our interns experience as many facets of the design process under Marsha’s careful guidance, creating confidence and networking.



I studied in the Interior Design Technology program at FSCJ. After completing my A.S. I began searching for a design firm that worked with both residential and commercial designs.

To me an internship is meant to be the first step in culminating all your studies into real world situations. The internship I fulfilled at StudioM was a great stepping stone into the interior design field!

When I was seeking my internship, some of the qualities I was looking for were a distinct variety in design, knowledge & experience in an array of designs, and one that works with nonprofits and supports interior design education.

While fulfilling my internship with Marsha at StudioM I found all of that plus so much more! StudioM is a smaller firm that offered a wide range of opportunities. This allowed the chance for some more intimate delving into Marsha’s various projects.

Some of the tasks I was fortunate to be assigned with included; calling to request memos or a status update on items, presenting various selections to Marsha, drafting in AutoCad, delivering and picking up various items, compiling a vendor list, sitting in on client and rep presentations, and helping with various tasks on “install day”!

My time interning at StudioM with Marsha was an overall excellent learning environment with many rewarding experiences! The many lessons learned throughout the internship offered it’s challenging moments at times, what internship doesn’t, but they instilled in me many invaluable “in the field lessons” that school just can’t provide. I’m grateful and appreciative for my time interning at StudioM.

Carmellia Espinosa – Internship Summer 2018

Where are they now


Studio M is a small firm with big people. I think this firm is all conformed by the people in it because of the different personalities and tasks that are needed to complete a project. At the beginning, I was afraid to ask questions because I hated to interrupt people while they where working. After a few days I learned how to ask and I gained more confidence, that’s when I realized my learning journey has started. I worked on many types of projects and in different stages of each. I was lucky to work with Marsha and learn with and from her. I assisted to site visits, important meetings, art galleries, and learned a lot on how the actual development and process of design works. The most important thing I learned is how to deal directly with the client, I learned that by seeing Marsha. However, learning how to interact and develop myself in an office environment was very important too. This was my first and most important design field experience I’ve had because it opened my mind towards the actual development of design and construction. Again, I am very grateful, and honored to have worked with Studio M Interior design. This is probably the most challenging and exciting experience I’ve experienced in my life and I learned from me and from others more than I expected.

Maria Iturriaga  


I was so excited to get a call from Studio M for an interview after I applied for a summer internship.  I was fortunate enough to get hired and I was eager to start.  Of course, I had nerves as this was going to be my first time working in the design field and I didn’t know what to expect.  All I knew up until this point was what I learned in school.  I learned a lot in school and got a great foundation but working in Studio M’s design firm was invaluable.  Marsha and her team solidified that I had chosen the right profession and I quickly realized how lucky I was to learn from Marsha.  Marsha passed on a great deal of knowledge to me, such as how she writes her specifications, which are very thorough and detailed.  She also helped sharpen my CAD skills which I was able to use when she let me contribute to the redesign of a kitchen remodel.  Being part of an actual client’s project allowed me to see into the design process and I’m so thankful for that opportunity.  Marsha took me on several site visits, and they were the highlights of my summer.  I enjoyed just being there where I could listen and observe and see things that come up on job site.  I know having worked for Marsha will contribute to my future success in the interior design profession and for that I am extremely grateful.

Sandy – Internship Summer 2018

Where are they now?

Lisa Gielincki Interior Design