Stuff I like….just because.

Stuff I like….just because.

Art makes the world go around.  Well, maybe its just my world, but I’m pretty sure that it could enrich everyone’s life if you will take a chance and let it in.  Ideas expressed through paint, pen, pencils, stone, paper, wood, glass, metal…..anything really; add interest and texture and life and light everywhere we go.  Without it we may as well live and work in institutions.  White walls, void of anything exciting at all.  Art has influenced ideas for centuries.  In that spirit I am posting some of my favorite works that were created throughout these last centuries.  Enjoy!

Winged Victory of Samothrace - 3rd Century BC

Vitruvian Man-1490 Leonardo de Vinci

Innocence 1898, William Bouguereau

Portrait of Mrs. BI-1931, Paul Klee

Bansky- current